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One life

A single chance

This is the beginning

We decide what we do

Who we love, who we hate

Whether we strive for our wanted dreams

Be someone you love and are proud of

Too fast, your life is ticking down

Did we live a fulfilled life?

No matter, it’s too late

This is the end

Our only life

It’s over


Somewhere In The Distance

Somewhere in the distance
A violin is softly playing
Someones brought it to existence
I think someone is letting go

I feel the music fading
Along with all my hope
I wanted to believe in everything
Now I know I was wrong in trying

If you pull me back
I wont ever be the same
I’ve gone into the noisy black
Making the notes of song my soul

Somewhere in the distance
I hear music softly playing
Free it from someones existence
I know its time to let it go

Let my music roam alone
I’ll haunt the halls forever
My killing and softening tone
Being the greatest life I’ll ever get

Leave me to decay
I’m one with the pain
There’s no reason for you to stay
Promise me you’ll still be happy

Somewhere in the distance
My heart is softly playing
I’ve brought this music to existence
It’s time that I let myself go

Last Day (Of Tenth Grade)

Last day of tenth grade
There’s just an hour left
Faces of those who haven’t stayed
Is the only thing on my mind

I’m thinking to myself:
“What a horrible year”
That was before I met you
Now next year you wont be here

Once again I’m at the point
Of believing life is wrong
What does summer have in store?
In the end will I come out strong?

Valentines Day

Every year so many innocent hearts break
But we need to join hands on Valentines Day
With friendship you can get through pain
Love conquers all, that’s what they always say

Promise me your support
Allow me to lean on you
You know I need help right now
And you know you do too

We’ve all lost something
But our friendship will grow
I’ll make that vow to you
That I’ll never go

A Silenced Girl

There’s a hole in me
A hole in my heart
It’s in the girl
That you’ve left apart

You walked away
With no shame
You’ve let me hanging
Playing your game

You left me broken
Lying on the cold ground
Screaming for someone
But there’s no sound

No one can hear me
Im a silenced girl


Black’s the color of my soul,
The color of my heart
It’s the color of the coals
Before the fire starts

It’s the color of the darkness
Before the stars appear
It’s what you see before you die
Before you disappear


You more than just listen
You more than just care
You opened your heart to me
And gave me love no one else could spare

It took you only a day
To take away my agonizing pain
And since I met you
I cant get you off my brain

I’ve met many people like me
But you’re the only one that will do
So I’ll always be alone
If I can’t be with you

All Of My Dreams

My stomach’s filled with butterflies
And my heart is beating fast
My head is becoming foggy
Have I found the one at last?

You’re every minute of my life
You’re all of my dreams
You’re like my shining star
Bursting through the seams (Of my heart)

You’re the cure for my nightmares
And my calmness in the day
I’ll be whatever you need me to be
You just have to give the ‘okay’

People say I’ve been wasting time
But this isn’t something I want to miss
My dreams are like my life
Which is you—my endless bliss

Strength Of Two

Even if we never see each other
I’ll be there right next to you
Giving you resilience and courage
So you’ll have the strength of two

And when you start doubting yourself
Remember, you’ll be doubting me too
So I’ll help you hold onto life forever
And you’ll finally see things anew

Everything will be much more beautiful
With love always guiding you
The world always colored in the light
Of the unbreakable strength of two

You’ll rise to beat every problem
No lying to yourself, you won’t have to try
Deserts will be filled with sparkling water
No more will they be thirsty and dry

You’ll have everything you deserve
Will the world even be ready for you
The universe will fall to their knees
At the show of your strength of two

And I’ll stick around at the sidelines
Because this is all yours
And I’ll be happy watching you
Living your life with no more wars