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Archive for April 2015

Make A Full Circle

Running around, chasing nothing But my dreams and foolish hopes I’ll make a full circle, and repeat again An endless journey with hills and slopes I’ll meet many things, and then leave them behind It doesn’t matter if I don’t want to; The bumpy road is silently waiting And I’m starting to not like the […]

You Won’t Come Back

I’m reaching out You look at me Then turn away You hear my plea But I know you won’t come back… You fade into darkness My heart falls I start to cry Waiting for you to call But I know you won’t come back…

Love Is Like A Lie

My heart has collapsed My fingers are now bones Years have worn on me; Words are like stones Love is like a lie There’s so much pain Tears are worth nothing I’ve got nothing to gain Beautiful songs are now ugly No melodies have I heard I’m down so far in the earth I’ve lost […]

You Let Me Go

You let me go And the home made in my heart Was destroyed with a single word Who knew I’d come to be so low The drums that were beating So loud every time you were around Have ceased to be heard There’s no way to hear the sound My voice is silent My heart […]

Forbidden Feeling

Something is stirring Deep inside me I can’t let it out Won’t let them see An atrocity is forming With a forbidden feeling My heart shouldn’t pound like this But you’re like lightning It’s hard to say this It’s probably no easier for you I wish I was lying But every word is true I […]

Anyone I’ve Ever Found

She might be the only one I have left After the realization of my mistakes But now she’s with my enemy And my whole being aches I can’t keep her from them It’s not my right to do so I want her to trust me And just let the person go Relationships don’t last too […]


Shadows all around me They’re shadows of my past Clinging to my body To memories that will last Horrifying tales They’re tales of death and loss That keeps coming to my brain Covering it up like moss Shadows all around me They’re shadows of my past That keeps my pain in motion That’s breaking me […]

Trying To Change

You say it’s my fault But it wasn’t me You blame me for trying To make you see I’m changing And I want it to be A better world For you and me Just give me one last chance That’s all I ask I swear this time I’ll complete the task I won’t ever stop […]

Why (Do I Still Feel This Way)

You think I don’t care But you tore out my heart I was always there for you But you broke me apart You think I’ve forgotten But I remember so clear Every minute I’m wishing That you were still here Why do I still feel this way? Can’t I just move on? I knew you […]

Take My Hand

Take my hand And save me From the blackness Of a churning sea Don’t let me go Can’t lose my hold We have to battle Try and be bold We can’t let go We won’t go under We’ll fight all the Lightning and thunder Our love is stronger Than anything alive I know deep down […]