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Archive for February 2016

Can You

Something inside of me sparks like a flame Every time I hear someone say your name How can you leave me behind so effortlessly? When I stood by your side indefinitely? Can you feel the pain? And the unending love I contain? Or do you not care And know I’m alone in my despair?

Deep Brown Eyes

I look into your deep brown eyes And I start wishing you were mine But I hope it’s not too obvious And you can’t read me like a sign I’ve known you for what seems like forever So my love for you has been long But you don’t feel the same at all And I […]

Pick Our Fate

If we could pick our fate What would you choose? To die in your lover’s arms? Or have nothing to lose? Would you want to keep on living? Maybe say one more time “I love you” Or have the time to say “I’m sorry” Or even fulfill a dream or two? But for me I’ll […]


I took a walk through a forest, It was quiet for the moment, The trees were very tall, I’ve never felt the shortest. But still I wandered, For hours on end, Till it got dark, And I wished for my bed. I finally realized, As I looked around, I was lost, Home was nowhere to […]

Lies Until I Die

I don’t care I’m officially done This nonsense Called life Is way too dumb I ruin dreams Lead people on Feeling sorry For people Isn’t making them strong I can keep saying I’m going to help But that’s a lie I’m just dealing untruths Until the day I die


I will not move, From my place, I’m going to prove, I will not chase. You have decided, So have I, That we move on, And I will not cry. You will vanish without a trace, From my heart at a quick pace. I will no longer be filled with dread, I will erase these […]

Past The Veil

People look at me intently But it’s a simple mirage Covering up the mistakes (pause) … I was just born differently You think you know me But take another good look Can you see past the veil (pause) … And my soul’s churning sea Be my great, brave savior And I’ll be eternally grateful You’ll […]

If I

If I just disappeared from the earth Would you start to wonder why? And miss the girl you knew Would you sit down and cry? If I just abandoned all contact And not even a word was heard Would you try and reach out? Thinking an explanation was earned? If I never ever wanted to […]

Acquaintance Or A Friend

I don’t know what to call you A good acquaintance or a friend You don’t pay attention very well But then you support me to the end I care for you quite a lot But then you make me mad I don’t know what I’d do if you left Would I not care or would […]


Our time is up Now it’s time to fight Fight for righteousness Fight for what’s right We’ve got the courage We’ve got the smarts We’ve got the strength To fight with our hearts We’re our own heroes Built deep from within History and pain makes us Strong so we can win