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Archive for September 2016

Somewhere In The Distance

Somewhere in the distance A violin is softly playing Someones brought it to existence I think someone is letting go I feel the music fading Along with all my hope I wanted to believe in everything Now I know I was wrong in trying If you pull me back I wont ever be the same […]

Last Day (Of Tenth Grade)

Last day of tenth grade There’s just an hour left Faces of those who haven’t stayed Is the only thing on my mind I’m thinking to myself: “What a horrible year” That was before I met you Now next year you wont be here Once again I’m at the point Of believing life is wrong […]

Valentines Day

Every year so many innocent hearts break But we need to join hands on Valentines Day With friendship you can get through pain Love conquers all, that’s what they always say Promise me your support Allow me to lean on you You know I need help right now And you know you do too We’ve […]

A Silenced Girl

There’s a hole in me A hole in my heart It’s in the girl That you’ve left apart You walked away With no shame You’ve let me hanging Playing your game You left me broken Lying on the cold ground Screaming for someone But there’s no sound No one can hear me Im a silenced […]


Black’s the color of my soul, The color of my heart It’s the color of the coals Before the fire starts It’s the color of the darkness Before the stars appear It’s what you see before you die Before you disappear


You more than just listen You more than just care You opened your heart to me And gave me love no one else could spare It took you only a day To take away my agonizing pain And since I met you I cant get you off my brain I’ve met many people like me […]