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A War And Fantasies

When we talk it’s not enough
I want you here and beside me
Someone warned me to be careful
But I thought we were meant to be

Should I have done this to myself?
Should I have done this to you?
Do I really want to take it all back?
Will somebody please give me a clue?

I want you to show me your love
But how can you from over there?
Where you’re always away from me
Can we actually be called a perfect pair?

I’m trying to do everything I can
And I try to believe you are too
But despair brings me down
And I find myself thinking about you

I think about losing you forever
About the future I could be letting go
And I want to let my tears out
I want to scream but can’t let it show

I don’t want to ever lose you
But neither do I want to hurt a soul
Sometimes I feel like I should choose
That it’d be better with an empty hole

I don’t feel like I’m doing enough
Or being the person you’d love to see
I feel I’m letting you down more
By being the person I don’t like to be

I don’t think it will work
But then I really want it to
I want our love to grow
But I want to stop before I hurt you

I know my brain is filled with fantasies
And I look there very often for answers
Complicated thoughts run through my head
Like fast, grotesque, and exotic dancers

I want to love you and know you love me too
But I’m at war with myself and I’m afraid I’ll lose
What could I do now that would actually help?
It makes me confused—I don’t know what to do!

But I know I love you and like my fantasies,
I want to be the lucky one to run off with you
And for you to be my prince
Writing a happy ever after that’s new

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