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Slave To Myself

I want to cry But know I can’t My eyes are clear But my heart aches I want to scream But there’s no sound My throat is burning But I’m still silent I want to give up But I just can’t I’m not allowed to I’m a slave to myself Love shouldn’t work When there’s […]

Pain Of The Heart

My heart is crushed There are no words in the world To describe all the pain That you’ve just unfurled I was denied yet once again But it hurts like it’s the first I was already in so much pain And I know I’m at my worst My heart feels toyed with And my life […]

Nothing I Can Do

I tried so hard But I failed Nothing I will ever do Will be able to heal The broken shards inside Every day that I fight It seems to break me more If I keep on going There will be nothing of me left I’d be nothing at all Fallen tears Lost memories Unending pain […]

I Will

I wish you knew what I am Going through…. You don’t know How much I really need you…. Inside, I cannot breathe It’s seems your slowly suffocating me Finally, it cannot wait, This sadness turns to hate (Chorus) Why do I keep coming back? Will I ever get my mind on track? Will I ever […]

I Don’t, I Won’t

Depressing state Say good-bye It’s never too late (To make that change) Love is going to fill The empty parts of me It’s filling the empty parts of me (It’s going to help me) I know people love me And I’m going to use it I’m definitely using it It’s making me see (That I’ve […]


I feel confused So what do I do? You said you liked me And I like you too But now it seems I’m nothing Compared to the rest of your friends I’ve given up so much already And I’m scared this is how it ends It hurts so much; Like you’re a knife About to […]

A War And Fantasies

When we talk it’s not enough I want you here and beside me Someone warned me to be careful But I thought we were meant to be Should I have done this to myself? Should I have done this to you? Do I really want to take it all back? Will somebody please give me […]

Another Person

You are my best friend, Now you aren’t, Can’t you choose, And just be smart? You’re an angel one day, A devil the other, Will you decide to stay, Or will you go? You’re like the summer, Then the winter, When you do this, You just look dumber. (Chorus) Come on, I can’t take it […]

Can You

Something inside of me sparks like a flame Every time I hear someone say your name How can you leave me behind so effortlessly? When I stood by your side indefinitely? Can you feel the pain? And the unending love I contain? Or do you not care And know I’m alone in my despair?

Deep Brown Eyes

I look into your deep brown eyes And I start wishing you were mine But I hope it’s not too obvious And you can’t read me like a sign I’ve known you for what seems like forever So my love for you has been long But you don’t feel the same at all And I […]