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I Don’t, I Won’t

Depressing state
Say good-bye
It’s never too late
(To make that change)

Love is going to fill
The empty parts of me
It’s filling the empty parts of me
(It’s going to help me)

I know people love me
And I’m going to use it
I’m definitely using it
It’s making me see
(That I’ve missed so much)

A crossing path
Maybe all the time
It’s not going to last
(I just have to get through it)

But it’s over now
It kind of didn’t matter
It never mattered
I’m keeping my vow
(Nothing is going to make me lie)

So I’m holding on
I don’t want to let go
I won’t let myself go
My sadness will be gone
(Happiness will forever fill me)

I’m at a new age
I don’t want to be sad
I won’t be sad
I’m writing a brand new page
(Written in words of happiness)

I could’ve done this before
I could have fixed it earlier
I wanted to fix it earlier
I’m finally letting my spirit soar
(It’s not bolted to the ground anymore)

It took too much to change
But I’ve done it now
I’ve finally done it
It’s always been in my range
(It wasn’t that I couldn’t)

I’m not going back
Dang, I’m going to stay this way
I will stay this way
I’ve healed the crack

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