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I Will

I wish you knew what I am
Going through….
You don’t know
How much I really need you….

Inside, I cannot breathe
It’s seems your slowly suffocating me
Finally, it cannot wait,
This sadness turns to hate
Why do I keep coming back?
Will I ever get my mind on track?
Will I ever stop feeling upset?
Why do I think when you forget?

You never even seem mad,
Never seem sad,
It is hard to believe that you were all I had.
I guess some things I’ll never understand….

Maybe it’s better forgetting everything,
Either way our friendship is ending.
You never understood the message I was trying to send,
I thought you were my best friend?
So why do I keep coming back?
Even when my soul attacks?
Maybe my heart will heal yet.
Maybe I will forget.

People tell me not to fret,
You don’t think I can handle this?
You want to make a bet?
I will climb my way out of this dark abyss.

I will be helpless no more.
I will let my feelings out the door.
There will be no wasted tears,
I finally noticed the darkness has cleared….
So I won’t be ever coming back.
My mind is back on track.
I’ve stopped feeling upset.
And I did forget.

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