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Nothing I Can Do

I tried so hard
But I failed
Nothing I will ever do
Will be able to heal
The broken shards inside

Every day that I fight
It seems to break me more
If I keep on going
There will be nothing of me left
I’d be nothing at all

Fallen tears
Lost memories
Unending pain
All the wasted years
Can never be taken back

I’ve wasted my time
On unworthy people
Being stabbed in the back
Being blames continuously
Forgotten without a second glance

I’m not given a final chance
My chance was over
A long time ago it seems
Wasted on stupidity and wanting
Something that won’t work that way

I love you
But you left me all alone
You left without a good-bye
Noe I’m paying the price
For what I’ve done… To you

I’m sorry
There’s not much else I can do
I can’t say anything else
Not ever to you
I gave you a promise

But know I’ll never forget you
Or the things we have been through
You were there for me
I won’t ever forget
The things you’ve done

I didn’t mean no harm
But not meaning to
Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen
And I’ve proven
That the worst can occur

I hope that you’re okay
With all of these problems
Friends tend to care
No matter what happens
And I’ve shown the love inside

My pain comes down
Like waterfalls
But there’s nothing I can do
To fully put up a wall to stop the flow
My efforts will always have cracks

Just leave me alone
And live your life to the fullest
Forget about me at least
You want to ignore me then…
Forget I ever existed

It’ll help you
And it could help me
Maybe forgetting everything would be
The very best to do now
Our paths crossed… And it didn’t work

Please forgive me truly
For this is the hardest to say
That I’m saying good-bye
For the final time
And there’s nothing I can do

Nothing I can do to change the times
Nothing to make it right…

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