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Pain Of The Heart

My heart is crushed
There are no words in the world
To describe all the pain
That you’ve just unfurled

I was denied yet once again
But it hurts like it’s the first
I was already in so much pain
And I know I’m at my worst

My heart feels toyed with
And my life is full of lies
What is the point to life
If love is what dies?

Saying you’ll be there for me
Means nothing anymore
How am I supposed to talk to you
When you’ve struck me at the core

I’m not going to be okay
And what am I supposed to understand?
The fact you don’t like me
And your words feel like sand?

And if I should ever cry
The tears will be the pain
It’ll be my heart weeping
From everything it has to contain

I feel sadness and hatred
And I can’t say when it’ll end
But I know for sure now
That I hate the word

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