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Somewhere In The Distance

Somewhere in the distance
A violin is softly playing
Someones brought it to existence
I think someone is letting go

I feel the music fading
Along with all my hope
I wanted to believe in everything
Now I know I was wrong in trying

If you pull me back
I wont ever be the same
I’ve gone into the noisy black
Making the notes of song my soul

Somewhere in the distance
I hear music softly playing
Free it from someones existence
I know its time to let it go

Let my music roam alone
I’ll haunt the halls forever
My killing and softening tone
Being the greatest life I’ll ever get

Leave me to decay
I’m one with the pain
There’s no reason for you to stay
Promise me you’ll still be happy

Somewhere in the distance
My heart is softly playing
I’ve brought this music to existence
It’s time that I let myself go

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