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Strength Of Two

Even if we never see each other
I’ll be there right next to you
Giving you resilience and courage
So you’ll have the strength of two

And when you start doubting yourself
Remember, you’ll be doubting me too
So I’ll help you hold onto life forever
And you’ll finally see things anew

Everything will be much more beautiful
With love always guiding you
The world always colored in the light
Of the unbreakable strength of two

You’ll rise to beat every problem
No lying to yourself, you won’t have to try
Deserts will be filled with sparkling water
No more will they be thirsty and dry

You’ll have everything you deserve
Will the world even be ready for you
The universe will fall to their knees
At the show of your strength of two

And I’ll stick around at the sidelines
Because this is all yours
And I’ll be happy watching you
Living your life with no more wars

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